Gallery of Past Models



Many of these were one-off projects. Over time I have come to specialize on a few popular designs which offer features not available from other builders. This has simplified my work, but I occasionally undertake a special commission if it can be made economically with existing molds and forms. I always stipulate that I be in agreement with the customer about the aesthetics of a unique instrument.

g01-1t g01-2t g01-3t g01-4t g01-5t
g02-1t g02-2t g02-3t g02-4t g02-5t
g03-1t g03-2t g03-3t g03-4t g03-5t
g03-5t g04-2t g04-3t g04-4t g04-5t
g05-1t g05-2t g05-3t g05-4t g05-5t
g06-1t g06-2t g06-3t g06-4t g06-5t
g07-1t g07-2t g07-3t g07-4t g07-5t
g08-1t g08-2t g08-3t g08-4t g08-5t
g09-1t g09-2t g09-3t g09-4t g09-5t
g010-1t g10-2t g10-3t g10-4t g10-5t
g11-1t g11-2t g11 11-4 11-5
12-1 12-2